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Ray J And His Reading Glasses Has Internet Calling Him A Genius



We all know Ray J is the jack of all trades and loves to create a new product. Remember the success of the scootie bike? Now the singer/ actor has a new invention and it’s even got folks on Twitter calling him a genius!

During his appearance on Tuesday on the popular Power 105.1 radio show, The Breakfast Club, the reality star used the opportunity to promote some new gadgets including a pair of reading glasses called the “Bunny Eyez.”

In true Ray J fashion he showed off the specs which can bend and fold in different ways, and can allow you to use them without actually taking them off.  The hosts had a pretty good laugh at the presentation, but the joke may be on them.

Shortly after the interview Ray J was trending on Twitter with folks raving about his glasses and even calling him a genius.

Ray also showed off a new personal speaker and some wireless earbuds. All three of the products are a part of his company Raycon Global.

Regardless of what you think of the products, there’s no denying that Ray J is quite the salesman.

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