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OK … Let’s Really Break Down This Kanye vs. Drake Beef!



It’s been brewing for a few months but the beef between Kanye West and Drake finally boiled over last night leaving all of social media stunned.

It started, of course, with a Yeezy tweet. The rapper tried to put his nemesis on blast revealing that, although the two weren’t on good terms (read why here), Drizzy was still trying to use some of Kanye’s music.

From there, West went on a whole three hour tirade accusing Drake of threatening his family, coming for his pockets, being insensitive to his mental health issue, and much, much more.

First, Ye made a reference to Drake’s feature on the French Montana song “No Stylist” in which he raps about Kanye’s shoes stating, “told her don’t wear no 350s ’round me.”  Drizzy also sent shots on the Travis Scott song “Sickomode” in which he says, “checks over stripes.” Stripes is a subtle reference to Kanye’s partnership with Adidas.

As we mentioned, the feud had been long simmering, and Ye confirmed he’s been wanting to meet for 6 months. He also wanted to clear the air about NOT being the one who leaked the info about baby Adonis to Pusha … even though Drake is confined he did.

And then, it happened.

But, it didn’t go well…

It’s going to be hard to mend fences when you claim to be the reason someone is alive. But, it will be even harder to patch things up after blaming them for the downfall of the entire race.

And this was the approximate moment that Mrs. West stepped into the building to defend her boo.

Then Kanye pulled a switch-a-roo, and began talking about his mission of love.

So how did Drake respond?

We will continue to update you on this story as we’re sure it will develop through the day…

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1 Comment

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