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Let’s be honest, critics have not been kind to Robert Zemekis’ latest flick Welcome To Marwen.

From it’s 26 percent freshness rating on Rotten Tomatoes to others calling it “a tragedy” and “frankly disastrous” it would seem the film was doomed before even getting out the gate.

But Janelle Monae, one of the film’s stars, may have a compelling enough argument for audiences to go out and see it. The actress, who recently revealed she was pan-sexual, hopes the film will create dialogue between parents and children about accepting those who are different.

“I think movies and films force you to have those conversations with your kids,” Monae said. “I always ask myself do I feel a responsibility to help protect those who may not be as privileged as myself and I think maybe that is a question that this film will hopefully ask of the audience.”

Based on a true story, the film follows Mark Hogancamp (played by Steve Carell) a man who was the victim of a hate crime and nearly beaten to death outside of a bar.  To cope with the overwhelming trauma, Hogancamp built an elaborate 1/6-scale model of a World War II village populated by doll versions of people he knew in real life.

For the role Carell had to learn how to walk in someone else shoes, literally. Hogancamp was targeted because he liked to wear women shoes and as such, Carrell too donned many pairs of heels.

“I practiced for months before shooting,” revealed Carrell. “You know you start off with some wedges and then you work your way up to the stillettos.”

“I had no idea how difficult it was,” he added before revealing he has way more respect for anyone who can wear heels all day.

Welcome To Marwen hits theaters December 21.


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