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Here’s Why Offset’s Alleged Mistress May Have Thought His Marriage Wasn’t “Serious”



One of the girls (and we use that word purposefully) at the center of the Offset cheating scandal is speaking out.

IG aficionado Summer Bunni is the one responsible for leaking text messages allegedly showing the Migos rapper’s attempts at a threesome with her and “rapper” Cuban Doll. The text messages are believed to be the catalyst for Cardi ending her one-year marriage to Off.

Summer took to Instagram, of course, and posted a note admitting she was wrong and that, in 2019, she would be focused on becoming a better person. No word on what she plans on doing for the remainder of 2018.

Additionally, in a tear-filled video sent to TMZ, Bunni further explains the situation stating, “I didn’t know how serious his marriage was.”

Of course, Black twitter let her have it!!

But, if we were to play devil’s advocate, we could come up with three reason why she said what she said.


You can’t expect Summer Bunni to take Offset’s marriage more seriously than Offset takes his marriage. If, in fact, he did sleep with Summer Bunni (who says she hasn’t hooked up with him since the birth of his daughter Kulture), it wouldn’t be the first time he’s cheated on Cardi during their marriage. HE set the tone for how people would view their union, and unfortunately, he painted a picture of infidelity and lack of respect. It’s only naturally that the thots would follow suit.


Summer Bunni is just 20-years-old. And no, we’re not giving her a pass just because of her age. But, young people do/say dumb things — It’s a part of growing up. And unfortunately for her, maybe she just hasn’t seen enough or had enough life experience to understand what a marriage really is. Furthermore, just take a look at how society handles marriages these days — easily discarded with divorces, multiple public infidelities, rushed unions for all the wrong reasons. It’s no wonder the younger generations don’t take marriage that seriously.


Now, y’all already know, Offset was probably whispering sweet-nothings in this girl’s ear, telling her whatever she wanted to hear in order to get whatever he wanted. Who’s to say he didn’t downplay his marriage. Maybe he made it seem like it was just for show, like an industry publicity stunt. We just don’t know.

One thing is for sure, while Summer Bunni’s actions were definitely foul, the only person to blame for the break-up is Offset, not the ladies he risked it all for.

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