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5 Golden Globes Snubs That We Need To Address



The Golden Globe nominations were announced Thursday morning, and while a few of our faves got nods, there were a slew of snubs that have us scratching our heads.


No show addresses more relevant issues than Black-ish. I believe that it has become the conscious and voice of contemporary Black America. The cast is perfection, the story lines are genius, and they continue to push boundaries that address issues that nobody else will touch. Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross have become the Jordan and Pippen of the sitcom world, they are so good that we sometimes overlook when they mess around and drop a triple-double.

Ryan Coogler

Simply put, this dude is the best young director on the planet. Don’t believe me, check his resume. Fruitvale Station, check … Creed, check … Black Panther, check check check. He has not missed. Plus, Black Panther was the highest grossing movie in the country this year, and the film shifted the CULTURE, not just in the Black community, but Hollywood. Enough said.

Michael B. Jordan

Killmonger was the best, most complex, loved but hated, villain ever in the Marvel Universe. He was like an IG thirst trap with incredible depth. If you don’t understand that, just ask any woman who saw the film.


How is it that one of the best shows on TV still lives in an awards abyss? Can somebody get the Hollywood Foreign Press a subscription to Starz for Christmas, cause if they had one, I wouldn’t be writing this right now. Angela and Ghost, Tommy’s instability, Tyreke’s fake gangster vibe that got his sister killed, this is the show that has almost single handily kept Black Twitter afloat during the summers. I feel for Omari Hardwick cause he is brilliant as Ghost, especially this past season while dealing with the death of his daughter, but the real oversight is Joseph Sikora. Yep, it’s the white guy who is so damn good on the Black show. That’s why I can’t call this snub racist, cause y’all overlooked the white guy who is the best character on cable.

Yvonne Orji

Let’s be honest, Insecure was a little slow this season. Sure, there was the cliff-hanger with Lawrence that had people knee-deep in Jay Ellis’ IG looking for clues but, otherwise the season felt kinda pedestrian. And maybe that’s because Issa Rae has now set the bar so high. People look forward to this show like it’s a tax refund in the middle of summer. But, I will say this, Yvonne Orji killed the game. Her character Molly might just be my favorite character on TV, cause I know a lot of Mollys. Beautiful, talented, high-achieving, Black women, who can’t find a partner who is their equal. Yvonne is so good in this role, and maybe that’s why she got snubbed, just like millions of Mollys all across the country.

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