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When you put Viola Davis and Liam Neeson together on screen you’re sure to get one heck of a thriller. You’re also sure to get one heck of a shocker … or at least that’s what the talented duo thinks.

In the Steve McQueen-directed heist flick Widows, the couple play husband and wife, but say audiences may not be ready for their steamy romance.

“It might be shocking for some to see us in bed because we are husband and wife,” said Neeson. “That might be shocking; I hope it’s not.”

Davis, who plays the ring leader of a group of women who pull off a heist after the death of their husbands, said she’s never seen an interracial romance like this on screen and applauded McQueen for taking the risk.

“Name an instance where you’ve seen this on screen and you can’t mention when the person is bright-skinned,” she explained. “I’m talking about someone who looks like me. I’ve never seen it and I watch a lot of movies.”

Elizabeth Debicki, Cynthia Erivo and Michelle Rodriguez round out the cast of fearless women whom Davis says are also changing the way society views women on screen.

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