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Viola Davis Bailed On 28-Day Cleanse After How Many Days? + More Crazy Celeb Diets!



Dieting is hard … even for celebs. Just ask Viola Davis! The “Widows” star revealed that she attempted to drop some lbs recently, but completely bailed on the cleanse soon after she started.

A 28-day cleanse is pretty normal for the Hollywood crowd. Sometimes it’s all juice, sometimes it’s a bit more intense — Davis went with the latter. During an interview with Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday night, Viola revealed the bizarre cleanse she attempted and why she could only last two days.

“We had to meditate every day and do other stuff,” Davis, 53, told the “Tonight Show“ host. “And we couldn’t eat. Well, we could eat. But we couldn’t chew and we couldn’t suck. So we had to sip all of our food because sucking and chewing was an act of aggression. And it was about completing everything. Living in forgiveness. … I want to release my anger.”

Wait. No chewing or sucking?! Sounds insane. And even Viola’s husband thought it was crazy telling the actress, “Why the hell would you want to do something like that, V!? I ain’t never seen you miss a meal. I don’t know how the hell you gonna do something like that.” Well, he was right. All it took was an upsetting call from her niece and Davis was hitting the drive-thru.

“She pissed me off so damn bad. Went upstairs, ate a hamburger. Went to the drive-thru at McDonald’s,” Davis said of giving up. “Couldn’t drink alcohol – had a big thing of vodka and soda water and lemon.”

And in the words of every Black woman everywhere Viola claimed, “I don’t have time for this!” when telling the make-up artist why the cleanse wasn’t for her.

Viola may have tried, and failed, at this crazy cleanse, but she’s not the first celeb to do some outlandish things in an attempt at looking and feeling good.


When Beyonce set out to transform into Deena for her “Dreamgirls” role, she committed to the fullest. She didn’t just diet to slim down, she took it to the max and did the Master Cleanse for maximum results! So what’s that? Well, based on the book “The Master Cleanser” by Stanley Burroughs, it’s simply the consumption of an elixir consisting of water, lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper. It’s grueling, challenging and not sustainable at all. But, you drop weight like crazy and it works rather quickly!


Singer Christina Aguilera allegedly slimmed down using the colors of the rainbow. The 7-Day Color Diet involves eating foods of just one color each day. Those on the plan start with white foods, followed by red, then green, orange, purple, yellow and then all of the colors on the final day of the plan. This diet, created by Mindy Weisel, is essential a concerted effort to get folks to eat more fruits and veggies, so there’s a method to the madness.


Just look at The Rock — of course he goes hard in the gym and with his diet. But what we didn’t expect is that his plan includes 5,165 calories, seven meals and 10 pounds of food a day! We can’t exactly knock it though, it seems to be working for him.


This is less diet and more determination. Like many others, Jennifer Lopez enlists the help of essential oils to keep her body in check. Apparently, she’s been spotted carrying a vial of grapefruit oil around. She sniffs it for 15 minutes three times a day and it helps curb food cravings. If we c Ould look like her by just smelling oils then sign us up!

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