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Believe it or not Brian Tyree Henry and Daniel Kaluuya just learned they were famous. Yep you read that right. While we don’t know anyone who hasn’t seen Get Out, or FX’s Atlanta, the two friends and stars of the new Steve McQueen flick Widows, were oblivious to the fact that they had fans and would be recognized out in public.

Henry told HipHollywood during the film’s recent press day that they got a rude (but hilarious) awakening when they ventured out during filming to the “Taste Of Chicago” festival.

“First of all I love a Chicago dog,” admitted Henry with a smirky grin while explaining how it all went down. “But I didn’t think anybody would recognize us. I’m like we’re amongst our people it’s cool. But, as soon as we got there people were like Oh’ Atlanta, Get Out. I was like we have to split up. And we met back up like two hours later at the end of the day.”

But despite the pandemonium, Henry said the love from the people in Chicago while filming was amazing. “The love from the people of this city is unparalleled to anything I have ever seen, it was so nice.”

Henry who plays rap star Paper Boi on the award winning TV series now takes on something completely different playing politician Jamal Manning in Widows. But the chance to switch lanes was a big thrill, and working opposite Viola Davis wasn’t bad either.

“She’s so amazing and such a genius at the craft,” he explained. “That’s really why I said yes to the film.”

The two even have one intense scene involving a dog. We won’t give it away, but it’s definitely one of the best moments in the film and sets off all the action. Check out the clip below.

Widows which also stars Liam Neeson, Michelle Rodriquez, Cynthia Erivo and Elizabeth Debicki is in theaters November 16.

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