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Shady, Petty, Messy: ‘Married To Medicine’ Cast Call Each Other Out



We all know the ladies of Married To Medicine can throw shade with the best of them. But besides medicine they are also super skilled at some other things. HipHollywood sat down with Dr. Jackie, Quad Webb-Lunceford and Toya Bush-Wright to find out whose the shadiest, pettiest, cattiest and most emotional of the group.

According to trio they each can throw some shade, if and when they have to, but there’s two women in particular who wear the crown. Yep, you guessed it: Mariah Huq and Miss Quad. Besides using their sharp wit to read their fellow co-stars, the former besties have notoriously taken aim at each other. I mean who can forget their explosive confrontation earlier this season.

When it comes to being catty they each think Dr. Heavanly Kimes is the Queen Bee. “Heavenly likes to be catty,” explained Toya, and she’s not exaggerating at all. If you’ve seen at least one episode of the show, you know Kimes brings the drama for you and yo momma.

Meanwhile, Toya told us she didn’t think there was anyone petty in the group, but we get the feeling the ladies really wanted to crown her Petty Patty. Dr. Jackie believes she is the sweetest in the group and Quad, who is going through a rough divorce during season 6, has no problem admitting she’s the most emotional.

Take a look.

Married To Medicine airs Sunday nights at 8/9c on Bravo.


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