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So we’re just going to go ahead and say it: Nobody’s Fool is, by far, Tyler Perry’s best film to date. So the only question is …why? Why is this his first (after 10+ years and countless films) R-rated comedy? Why did it take him almost five years to work with Haddish again after casting her in a small part on If Loving You Is Wrong? And did she stick to the script, or did he let her loose? Perry and Haddish answered all these questions and more during our sit-down last week in NYC. But first, here’s why we think this is the writer/director’s best work to date.

Outside of the R-rating, which allows for raunchier jokes (which is where Haddish shines), the film is super relevant and relatable. Perry, it seems, finally gets 30-something-year-old women navigating love and relationships right. Where past films seem too over-the-top or exaggerated, Nobody’s Fool is spot on.

In the film, Tika Sumpter plays Danica, an ad executive (think Boomerang) living in New York City trying to find Mr. Right, when her perfect match (Omari Hardwick) has been right in front of her all along. Single women will definitely see themselves in Danica, who you initially love to hate. Her impeccably decorated high-rise apartment, blunt bob and sharp suits is what every woman straight out of college with a master’s degree wants. But … that stuffy, too perfect, no-room-for-anyone-else type of life is also why she’s single.

Hardwick, despite occasionally giving off Ghost from Power vibes, was a great choice to play Frank — the handsome hard-working coffee shop owner that Sumpter overlooks because he doesn’t have any of the qualities on her list: rich, college-educated, no baby mama.

Meanwhile her confidant and BFF, played by Amber Riley, helps gives her hilarious but rational girlfriend advice that she doesn’t take, while her recently released from jail sister, Tanya, played by Haddish, just keeps it all the way real.

It’s also extremely evident that Perry has finally dropped all of the heavy dialogue that weighed some of his previous films down and allowed the characters to really act. Whoopi Goldberg, who plays Tanya and Danica’s mother, is hilarious dispensing motherly advice while running her in-home marijuana dispensary.  Goldberg also told us that Perry allowed her to find her way with the character and it’s clearly why she has some of the funniest scenes (outside of Haddish).

Which brings us to whether Haddish followed the script or not. We’re convinced she didn’t, even though she told us it was 90/10. Perry admitted that he wrote the script for Haddish and said it was easy because it was like writing for a younger Madea.

So, is working with Tiffany Haddish the recipe for more A+ Tyler Perry movies? We sure think so. Haddish could easily be to Perry what Kevin Hart has been to Will Packer.

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