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Nelly Sued For Sexual Assault … Again! What Should The Rapper Do Next?



Nelly is being sued for sexual assault. No, this isn’t the same claim as last year — this is a whole new woman, allegedly a whole new crime. And while the rapper is most certainly innocent until proven guilty, we think there are a few things he could do to lessen the chances of this happening again.



So, last October Nelly was arrested for rape when a woman accused him of forcing himself on her while aboard his tour bus. Nelly counter-sued accusing the woman of defamation. Both parties agreed to drop their suits and money may, or may not have, changed hands.


Fast-forward to now. Nelly has once again been accused of sexual misdeeds. A woman going by Jane Doe is suing the St. Louis rapper for sexual assault, claiming he masturbated in front of her and tried to force her to perform oral sex. The incident allegedly occurred following one of his shows in England last December.

Like the first accuser, this woman claims she met Nelly backstage and he asked her to stay and spend some time with him following the show. She obliged, but claims she never consented to anything sexual.


Nelly is of course denying the claims, but now finds himself in the defense position again. He will either fight to prove his innocence, or sue claiming defamation, but either way his reputation is taking a hit that, during this #MeToo era, he just can’t afford. So, what should he do? Well…

First: STOP soliciting groupies backstage! Seriously. First of all, Nelly, you already have a loooong-time girlfriend, Shantal Jackson. Stop cheating and focus on her. Then, you have avoided any instances in which a chick can say she was with you in any manner.

Second: Focus on music and touring. This is basically just an extension of suggestion number one. When you’re focused on the right things, you have no time for the wrong things.

Third: Take a damn nap.

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