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Jill Scott’s Faux-Fellatio Performance + 4 Of The Sexiest Stage Shows!



Jill Scott has shocked the world, but if you’ve really been paying attention, Jill isn’t new to this, she’s true to this! The soulful songstress put on quite the show while performing recently and, let’s just say, it was a tantalizing experience for fans.

Of course Jill sang, but she also did some other things on the mic — like simulated oral pleasure. In her mouthpiece theater routine, Scott gave a VERY convincing performance … complete with a happy ending.

And while that was a spectacular showing of Miss Scott’s talents, those that have listened to the Philadelphia singer since her debut in 2000 know that kinky is just in her bones.

Similarly, these next few performers are known for their sensual stage shows, and thankfully, they have the talent to pull it off — just like Jill.


Everyone knows Janet is a low-key freak — If you’re nasty you get to call her Ms. Jackson! But some of you youngins’ may have missed her peak freak days. Enter, the Velvet Rope tour! This really is the blueprint for bringing sexy to the stage.


Miguel doesn’t give you sexy during his performances — he just gives you sex. His simulation is so lifelike that it makes the crowd blush. Plus, he even takes time to put on an imaginary condom. Now that’s keeping it real!


If Ms. Jackson is the teacher, then Teyana Taylor has definitely been her pupil. It’s obvious that TT is inspired by JJ, but she gives her sex simulation a special Taylor flair. We appreciate her giving it her all.


Now, y’all already know Rih Rih likes to dutty wine — and during her concerts she likes to do it on top of some lucky fan. Hopefully, when she finallyyyy release some new music, she’ll get on the road and bring her sexiness with her!

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