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Florida Man Whose Mugshot Went Viral Claps Back At Neck Shamers



Charles Dion McDowell is not here for the internet and it’s neckativity.

McDowell, now known as the “neck guy,” recently rose to internet fame after his mugshot posted on the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page went viral almost immediately due to McDowell’s unusually wide neck.

“His neck is still at LARGE!!!” one Facebook user cracked about McDowell.

“Somebody notify his Necks to Kin!” added another.

“They gonna put him in jail and throat away the key,” one man wrote.

Now McDowell, who was charged with fleeing police along with the possession of (and intent to sell) methamphetamine, cocaine and marijuana, has a message for his haters and his fans.

“Shout out to every female that ever gave me a chance,” he said before a series of expletives we assume referring to those who also mocked him. “It was so many of ya’ll I can’t fade all of ya’ll.”

McDowell, who has a series of other mugshots from previous offenses, posted the video after being released from prison on Saturday. Of course, because the internet has no chill, folks continued to make jokes at everything from his heavy Florida accent to the appearance of his neck in the video.

Comedian Lil Duval even wrote after seeing the video, “Hold up, so that pic of his neck wasn’t photoshopped?!?” I’m sorry bruh I didn’t know yo neck was really wide. I wouldn’t have f*&^ wit u. I’ll do more research NECKS time.”

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