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5 Shocking Confessions From Mel B.’s ‘Brutally Honest’ Memoir



Mel B. is getting brutally honest and spilling very personal details about her like in her new memoir. Aptly titled “Brutally Honest,” the former Spice Girl opens up about everything from her suicide attempt at the age of 39 to drug use and her divorce from Stephen Belafonte

Following the book’s release on Tuesday, Mel took to Instagram to celebrate. “I’m sooooo excited and sooooo emotional and sooooo sooooo happy that my book is finally here wow!!!” Mel wrote in part. “This has taken 2 years of blood sweat and ALOT of tears to write AND 10 years of pain I am still trying to process.”

Here’s 5 revelations that had us going OMG.

She Attempted Suicide At the Age of 39

In the beginning of the memoir, Mel writes about attempting suicide with a bottle of aspirin at her rented house in Kensington, London on Dec. 11, 2014. “As each pill goes into my mouth, I ask myself, ‘Are you sure?’ And I take another one,” Mel writes. “Ten, twenty, fifty. A hundred. ‘Are you sure?'”

After thinking about her daughters, Mel B knew she could “never, ever leave my girls.”

“Looking back now, four years later, I know that overdose was a massive cry for help,” Mel states in her book. “A primal scream from a broken woman.”

She Had A 6 Line A Day Coke Habit

Mel’s drug use got so extreme she was doing up to 6-lines of coke a day while she was a judge on “X Factor” just to cope with everything going on in her life behind-the-scenes. “After years of clinging onto my soul and pretending everything was okay, in London I went into my freefall,” Mel writes. “Coming back to the country I’d been born in made me see how messed up my life had become, how far away I was from everything I loved. I was so low that weeks into filming ‘The X Factor’ I’d started using cocaine to get me through the run of the show, to get me through living with Stephen, which felt like neurotic claustrophobia, and — for deeper, darker reasons — to get me through the emotional gridlock of being so geographically close to my family in Leeds and my Spice ‘sisters’ in London.”

She’s Still In Love With Eddie Murphy

Before getting involved with Stephen, Mel B was in a relationship with Eddie Murphy. When folks found out she was pregnant with Eddie’s baby, the news came as a shock since they kept their relationship under wraps. The “X Factor” judge, who shares 11-year-old daughter Angel with Eddie, never spoke about her relationship with the famed comedian, until now. She revealed he will always be the love of her life.

“He always will be,” she said about Eddie when asked the “great love” of her life. “I mean, I’ve never really spoken about it before, so this book, I wanted to address it because a lot of people have a misconstrued thing of how everything actually did happen. And at the end of the day we have a beautiful daughter together, Angel, who is 11 years old, and she’s actually staying with him right now whilst I’m here working,” she shared during an interview on “Good Morning Britain.”

She Left Stephen With Only $936 in the Bank

“When I left Stephen, I walked away with nothing but $936 in a bank account (the only one I had access to) and suitcases full of clothes, books and toys,” Mel writes. “I didn’t care. I was happy. My kids were happy. I put on my music full blast (sorry to my neighbours) and danced around my house, which was decorated in a very over-the-top Versace style — not my style at all. But I was free. Finally, after ten years, I was free.” In an interview with DailyMailTV, Stephen has denied the allegations made by Mel in her memoir.

She Had  A Tattoo Cut Off And Keeps The Skin In A Jar 

After finalizing her divorce from Stephen in December 2017, she decided to surgically remove a tattoo she said he MADE her get. The “America’s Got Talent” judge convinced a surgeon to slice his name off of her rib. The tattoo once read, “Stephen, till death do us part you own my heart” tattooed down her side. While on the UK talk show Loose Women the 43-year old said,  it “sounds horrific, but what I went through was so horrific.” It was easier for her to have the tattoo surgically removed rather than going through laser removal treatments. So, what did she do with the skin? She kept it. She has it in a jar in her closet. “I’ve saved it in a jar,” she revealed. “It’s at the top of my wardrobe. I know it’s there.”

Brutally Honest is out now.

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