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Over the past few days, Rebel Wilson has dug herself a deep hole of inaccuracy and defensiveness, after making a comment about being the “first-ever plus-sized girl to be the star of a romantic comedy.”

Wilson made the unfortunate statement on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” referring to her soon-to-be-released rom-com Isn’t It Romantic? (out in January). As many pointed out, Wilson must have completely forgotten or never known about Queen Latifah’s 2006 rom-com Last Holiday or Mo’Nique’s Phat Girlz (2006).

But instead of admitting she was wrong and spoke without doing her homework, she decided to double down on the statement when responding to a fan on Twitter.

“Hey girl! Yeah I of course know of these movies but it was questionable as to whether: 1. Technically those actresses were plus size when filming those movies or 2. Technically those films are [categorized]/billed as a studio rom-com with a sole lead. So there’s a slight grey area,” Wilson tweeted.

Clearly Wilson has been drinking that Hollywood Kool-Aid that causes amnesia and erases all of the accomplishments made by black folks from your memory. We, however, will not allow her or anyone to forget that plus-size women of color HAVE starred in rom-coms well before Wilson’s ass came on the scene. Take a look.



The Queen stars in a slew of romantic comedies, but Last Holiday is my favorite.  The film is about Georgia Byrd (Queen Latifah) a woman who discovers she is terminally ill. As her last hurrah, she withdraws her life savings and travels to Europe. She fills her life with excitement and new experiences, the only thing missing is her longtime crush Sean Matthews (LL Cool J).


Before Mo’nique got all small and snatched, the Baltimore-born comedian made a career out of shaming skinny women. Her romanic comedy Phat Girlz was an extension of that message, following a fashion designer aiming to hit it big in an industry where dress size 2 is standard. Ultimately she struggles to find the balance between work and relationships, but things turn all the way around when she meets the man of her dreams in an unexpected way.


Amy Schumer, who certainly considers herself plus-size, explores the romantic comedy genre in raunchy fashion in the movie Trainwreck. In a playoff of Taming of the Shrew—and an overabundance of unfunny fat jokes—Amy (Amy Schumer), doesn’t do monogamy. She’s held this belief ever since her parents divorced. Her ideals begin to change when she meets a “good guy” in Aaron (Bill Hader).


In 2010 Queen Latifah once again starred in a romantic comedy, this time teaming up with Common as her love interest. In the film, Latifah plays physical therapist Leslie Wright who lands the job of her dreams working with basketball superstar Scott McKnight (Common). All goes well until Leslie finds that she is falling in love with him. Scott, however, is oblivious to Leslie’s romantic overtures and focuses his attention on Morgan (Paula Patton), Leslie’s gorgeous friend, who would love to be the basketball player’s trophy wife.


In 1966, Shelly Winters was doing the damn thing as the confident, voluptuous Ruby in the Lewis Gilbert film AlfieAlfie (Michael Caine) is a womanizing man-child who can’t seem to get his act together when it comes to women. Only after two mental breakdowns does he come to his senses and decides his best course of action is to marry Ruby.

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