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“Yernin” For Sevyn Streeter! Why The Singer Is Really Feeling Herself These Days



Sevyn Streeter has fans yernin in the best way — The singer has new music, new swag and is on that new-new.

Streeter has been on the music scene for a minute, giving us such hits as “I Like It”, “It Won’t Stop”, “nEXt, and “B.A.N.S.” But now she is taking things one step further and delivering something new she says fans will absolutely love. “I’ve just been in my bag and I feel really great about life and about myself, so it’s amazing,” Sevyn stated when we caught up with her at the 2018 American Music Awards.

The “Don’t Kill The Fun” singer’s first single from her upcoming project is titled “Yernin” and it has already taken the Internet by storm. Using a sample from The Gap Band’s hit “Yearning For Your Love”, the song gives a nod to nostalgia, but with a 2018 flair. SS described it as, “a fearless – fun – a little bit cocky – in your face – I feel good in my skin, kind of record.” And because it is a banger, dancers have already created the #YerninChallenge and are killing it online.


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With all the hype surrounding the new record, it begs the question, ‘when is the full project coming?’ For now, Streeter is keeping mum on the release date — in addition to all other details about the project like the title, features, etc. However, she did make this promise to her fans, “If you love this new ‘Yernin’ then you’ll love the rest of the project.” Well, we can’t wait!

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