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Political Bomb Threats — What’s Real And What’s Fake News!



Someone is on the attack and Democratic powerhouses are the target. Bomb threats have been attempted and thwarted across the country and the list of intended victims is growing — here’s what we know now.


This day of terror began with news of a bomb found near the home of Bill and Hillary Clinton. In addition, a suspicious package was sent to the home of our forever POTUS & FLOTUS, Barack and Michelle Obama, as well.

The package for the Clintons was intercepted at their Westchester County home in Chappaqua, NY. Hillary was at a campaign event in Florida, but Bill was at the cut.

According to TMZ, “The Secret Service says another suspicious package was sent to Barack Obama but intercepted in Washington, D.C. The device was sent by mail. The Secret Service has identified it as ‘a potential explosive device’.”


While reporting live on air about the suspicious packages sent to the Clintons and Obamas, the fire alarms at CNN’s NY studio went off. The anchors were visibly concerned and abruptly cut to commercial. The employees were immediately evacuated from the Time Warner Center in NYC where CNN is located due to a suspicious device found in the mail room. It apparently resembled a pipe bomb and was addressed to CIA Director and CNN contributor John Brennan. The station returned back on air from their Washington, D.C. studios.


Debbie Wasserman-Schultz not only seems to be an intended target, but may also have been the victim of attempted framing. The Democratic Congresswoman’s Florida office was evacuated after a suspicious package was mailed there. Additionally, all the packages that have been reported have the same return address, which belongs to Wasserman-Schultz.


CNN reports that a device was sent to former Attorney General Eric Holder. Many believe he may run for president in 2020. “However, the package had the wrong address, and went back to Wasserman-Schultz’ return address.”


According to the Washington Examiner, Sen. Kamala Harris’ district office in San Diego was briefly evacuated after authorities found a suspicious package outside. The office building also includes the San Diego Union-Tribune.

Several boxes were reported outside of the office, but thankfully they only contained “one shoe, two children’s books, one football, one empty bag of chips and one hat.” All employees were allowed to return to the office.

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