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As Megyn Kelly’s world imploded Thursday night, the internet went to work, letting NBC News know that they need to hit the speed dial button and holla at Tamron Hall. The former “Today” show host is clearly the people’s choice to replace Kelly and she stoked the flames by posting a shot with good buddy Al Roker. The picture of the two former colleagues was the perfect reminder that they were a great fit before the network decided to break the bank and break up the squad with Kelly. “Smiling ear to ear tonight after seeing @alroker light up the stage in @waitressmusical !! Bravo to the entire cast. What a show and yes Mr. Roker sings!!!!! True #icon. Blessed to know you, sir.”


But wait, there is an issue: Hall has signed a deal for a talk show that is scheduled to hit the air in the fall of 2019 on ABC stations nationwide. So now what? If not Tamron, then who? Well, we have a few suggestions.

Soledad O’Brien

Thursday night, Tamron presented Soledad with an award and the two took this picture celebrating the moment. Those smiles are priceless.

The Harvard educated journalist has the pedigree, experience and chops to bring the edge that NBC hoped for from Kelly. O’Brien has blossomed in the last few years and isn’t scared to get very real with the left or the right. Just recently she blasted her old network CNN for a piece on the President, which she called terrible. She is, simply put, a beast and would be a huge asset for NBC. And if she doesn’t get the job, then thankfully we have her Twitter feed, which is as good as it gets.

Morgan Radford

How about a youth movement? Morgan Radford is part of the next generation at the network. Young, talented and beautiful, Radford is currently a correspondent with the news division at NBC, but she has anchor chops. She was one of the weekend anchors at Al Jazeera America and also ABC News Now. Plus she is a Fulbright Scholar, went to undergrad at Harvard and got her graduate degree at Columbia. She may be young, but she’s ready.

Sheinelle Jones

This is one of my two surprise, dark horse candidates. Sheinelle Jones is a regular fill-in on the “Today” show, the host of the weekend Saturday edition of the show, and a host on MSNBC. Here’s the deal: When she is on the air, she makes you smile. A longtime local anchor in Philly, Jones is a mother, a wife, a bonafide journalist, and the polished kind of home girl that would work perfectly in a full-time roll. Plus she is already in the family.

Ann Curry

Let’s be honest, before NBC did Tamron Hall dirty, there was the original sin — when they cut Ann Curry. Her painful goodbye from the “Today” show in 2012 was one of the ugliest moments of the Matt Lauer regime. When NBC finally had to move Lauer, Curry handled the moment with grace and dignity, instead of blasting off on her former co-anchor. Curry has a show on PBS right now, but wouldn’t it be beautiful to see her back at the desk?



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