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Kanye’s Team Wants Him To Meet With Jenifer Lewis + 6 Others He Should See



If there’s one person that can get Kanye West to come back to his senses it’s Jenifer Lewis. Or, at least that’s what his team thinks. According to Lewis, her unapologetic honesty about her bipolar disorder has prompted folks in Ye’s camp to reach out to her.

“Someone in Kanye’s camp is trying to get me in a room with him,” Lewis, 61, told the New York Times. “I know what mental illness looks like, and I know that if a person is not ready to get help, they won’t.”

Lewis credits more than 17 years of therapy with helping her cope with her bipolar disorder and sex addiction. “This is not something to point your finger at and laugh. The only thing you can do for anyone else is to share your story of well-being.”

West, who earlier this month said he was misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder, recently made headlines for his erratic behavior. “I hope that he gets himself well,” said Lewis, who labels herself the “Mother of Black Hollywood.” “Nobody is better or worse than anyone else.”

Honestly we think Lewis would be the best person for Yeezy to meet with. And after their session, they can get on the piano and make a song together. But if that doesn’t happen, here’s 6 others we think could possibly get through to Mr. West.


The Breakfast Club host was one of the first people to sit down with Ye and discuss his mental health issues. Ye seemed to be very comfortable talking to the radio host even allowing him to conduct the interview at his home.  After Kanye’s last visit to the White House, Charlamagne was slated to sit down with him again to discuss mental health issues in the black community but nixed it because he felt it was bad timing. We’re praying they reschedule soon.


An “Iyanla: Fix My Life” episode featuring the Kardashians has been long over due, so you already know the dysfunctional family West has married into is NOT good for his mental health. Vanzant told HipHollywood that she would love to sit down with West but he’d have be willing to do the work.  “We’ve seen this before, we watched it with Whitney, we watched it with Michael (Jackson), we watched it with Phyllis Hyman,” she said. “We watch this over and over and we turn our face (thinking) OK somebody will deal with it. No, we need to deal with it. But, we can’t deal with it unless he’s willing.”


Lets be honest, Oprah can fix anything. All it’s going to take is one visit to Winfrey’s Montecito, Ca ranch to get Kanye some act right. We can just see them now sitting under that tree on a “Super Soul Sunday” eating fresh veggies from Oprah’s garden. Kanye will finally let his Chi-town sister know that his mother’s death tipped him over the edge, and she’ll take him into her bosom and give him a good ole aunty hug. The end.


We all know Kanye switched over to the Republican side after President Obama called him out over his antics at the 2009 VMA’s. Ye told Charlamagne tha God during an interview earlier this year that he was not only hurt that Obama called him a jackass but never invited him to the White house. “I’m your favorite artist. You play ‘Touch the Sky’ at your inauguration, and now, all of a sudden, Kendrick (Lamar) and JAY-Z and all the people you invite to the White House, like, now these your favorite rappers?” he said. “I ain’t got no problem with these rappers, but … just tell me you love me and tell the world you love me. Don’t tell the world I’m a jacka–. I’m fighting hard enough.” We think Ye just wants to hear Barack tell him he loves him and he’ll be back saying Republicans hate Black people in no time.


Anyone with half a brain knows the admiration, love and respect Kanye REALLY has for Beyonce and Jay Z. He truly idolizes them and really is just acting out (in our opinion) because they don’t want to hang out with his crazy ass anymore. If Jay would just invite Ye over for a playdate with Blue Ivy and the twins, he’d be back to normal and we’d finally get that “Watch The Thrown 2” album we’ve been dying for. First West would just have to apologize for throwing shade at Beyonce and agree to never mention her name again. That’s all.


Last but not least, if anybody can fix Kanye, it’s Jesus. We all know Yeezy loves the lord (he took a major career risk back in 2004 when he released “Jesus Walks”) so it’s not a farfetched idea. Kanye is also very chummy with several gospel stars who were featured on his 2016 album The Life of Pablo. So, we’re going to add Kanye to our prayer list and hope  Jesus stretches out his hand and touches him like never before.

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