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Kanye Now Realizes He’s Was “Used” For Political Gains … Can We Ever Forgive Him?



Kanye West has put us through hell the last few month years. But, alas, maybe it was all a dream. Nah, it wasn’t. However, the Chi-town rapper says he understands he was being used as a political pawn and now, finally, sees the light!

“My eyes are now wide open and now realize I’ve been used to spread messages I don’t believe in.”

That’s the message Ye posted on Twitter after his right-wing friend, and frequent Fox News chatterbox, Candace Owen stated he was the one responsible for the “Blexit” (Black exit from the Democratic Party) logo.

Yep, you read that right, too. Yeezy is “distancing” himself from politics and focusing on “being creative.” So, for those of us who shunned him during his MAGA hat antics — the shucking, the jiving — are we ready to accept him back into the fold? Well, that’s a complicated request, but here’s a few reason why it may be time to welcome Ye home.


Don’t y’all miss the old Kanye? What if he’s back?! Then we should take him back, right? We’ve held Ye down longer then we’ve hated him. We’ve invested too much time for it to be for naught. The music; the rants; the classic moments. If the Louis Vuitton is now the prodigal son returning home, maybe, just maybe, we should open the door and let him in.


If Mr. West really has a mental illness then doesn’t he deserve the benefit of the doubt. Yes, went far — maybe too far — but, what if it was the disorder talking, not him. If so, let’s at least allow him this moment of clarity and give him the chance to heal his mind … and mend our wounds.


Kanye has done a lot of shady ish, we know. But, we know he’s trying to do some goo, too. Like giving Chicago mayoral candidate Amara Enyia’s $74K debt to elections board. He also has been pushing for prison reform and more appropriate sentencing. If he’s truly done with being a detriment to the community, maybe the good can now outweigh the bad.

However, for every reason why we should give West a second chance, there are just as many reasons why we should remain leery.


Kanye called in to TMZ to tell them a couple of things — one being, “to make it clear he did not mention Donald Trump in his tweets, and he’s getting out of politics altogether.” So, does this mean he’s still cool with the Donald? Is he keeping him close in order to enact prison reform? Or, does he genuinely like the racist-in-chief? Either way, siding with Trump is still super sus and problematic AF.


He hurt us. And, for many of us, the hurt was too bad to forgive. If that is you, then by all means protect yourself and burn your Yeezys.

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