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Is Kanye Really Krazy? A Roundup Of His Antics Over The Years



We’ve been asking this question for years — Is Kanye crazy or a genius? Unfortunately, now the question seems more pertinent, and unanswerable, than ever.

Take it back two years when, on the brink of his The Life Of Pablo release, Ye began his now-infamous string of inflammatory tweets and bizarre behavior. Back then, folks were worried, but there was an equal amount of people praising the Chicago-born rapper for speaking his mind and being authentic.

But, later that same year, the tide began to shift when he made his allegiance to Trump publicly known. It was around this same time that Kanye also revealed his frayed relationship with Jay Z. After canceling his Saint Pablo tour, West was hospitalized for a mental breakdown.

And now, his MAGA hat wearing, Trump-praising antics have soared to new heights. With diatribes about The Donald and, lest we forget, his pronouncement that “400 years of slavery sounds like a choice,” in addition to the most recent rush to abolish the 13th Amendment (which, by the way, abolished slavery — Ye later said he wants amend, not abolish the 13th amendment), it seems like the “new Kanye” may be leaning closer to the crazy line.

But, should we have seen this coming long ago — even before 2016? Yes, yes we should have. In case you forgot, we’d like to remind you that Kanye has been pushing our buttons and causing a stir since 2013 when he used the confederate flag in his Yeezy designs. This, ladies and gentlemen, should have been our first sign of distress.

So with this plethora of receipts can you finally answer the age-old question — Kanye West: Crazy or Genius?

Or, maybe, just maybe we’re being played and he’s just trying to sell music. It never fails, he tends to infuriate us most when he has a project to drop. Things that make you go, hmmmm…

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