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If Michelle Obama Won’t Do It, Who Should? A List Of Black Women Fit For The White House!




If she’s said it once, she’s said it a thousand times — Michelle Obama has absolutely NO interest in running for President. Hang it up, flat-screen!

After 8 years as FLOTUS Mrs. Obama is done with the White House. But, that doesn’t stop folks from asking her if she’ll ever consider running for elected office. The answer is always no, like always. But now that she’s on her “Becoming” book tour, especially during this midterm election hype, the former First Lady is facing the question again. This time it came courtesy Savannah Guthrie on “The Today Show”. Our forever FLOTUS stopped by to plug her new book and speak about her initiatives empowering young girls. That’s when Guthrie slid in the now-infamous question. Of course, ‘Chelle hit her with the “absolutely not,” but further expounded on her answer by stating:

“As a woman, you understand where your voice works best, where you want to operate, what space you want to be in. I have never wanted to be a politician.Nothing has changed in me to want to run for elected office. I want to serve, I want to do work, I want to be out there, but there’s so many ways to make an impact politics is just not my thing. It’s as simple as that.”

Hopefully, that will be the last time Mrs. Obama will have to answer that question, but most likely not. But, since Michelle doesn’t want to POTUS gig , it got us thinking about what other powerful, Black women would rock the job. Here’s what we came up with:


Yes, we know Ms. Winfrey is also on the list of people who keep saying no to the White House. But, unlike Michelle, Oprah has wavered a bit in the past. We’re going to take that as our opportunity to re-introduce the idea of Oprah 2020 and beg her to consider it.


Angela Bassett has never expressed any feelings about being the first woman president. But, that doesn’t mean she wouldn’t kill it as POTUS! Just think, she already has experience as the queen of Wakanda, running the free world isn’t that much of a departure. Plus, her husband Courtney B. Vance would make a bomb First Gentleman.


Cousin Angela has already shown us that she doesn’t take any ish from anyone. That’s exactly the kind of energy we’d need from our first female president. Plus, she knows hella hip-hop lyrics — that’s a bonus.


And if cousin Angela is too busy, then auntie Maxine can hold it down. The White House needs someone who will walk through the halls reclaiming time and putting folks in their place! Plus, Mrs. Waters is a seasoned (25 years under her belt) political pro as the Representative of the 43rd District in California.


CA Senator Kamala Harris has been busting her in politics for almost 30 years. Most recently she put Brett Kavanaugh to the fire during his confirmation hearing. This proves she can go against the big dogs and not back down. We need that in the White House.

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