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Falsely Accused 9-Year-Old Latest Victim Of White People Calling Cops On Innocent Black People … What Can We Do Now?



This has got to stop!

Meet #CornerstoreCaroline, believe us, she’s not someone you really want to meet, but it’s important to know her face.

#CC joins the pathetic and pitiful club of white people who have called the police on Black folks for practically no reason at all. And in this case, the victim was just a 9-year-old little boy.

Jeremiah Harvey was minding his business, walking through a bodega with his mom and little sister. As he exited, his book bag brushed up against CC’s (government name, Teresa Klein) backside. Again, his BACKPACK! However, Klein accused the child of sexual assault, yelled at him, made him cry, and called the cops. Again, on a 9-year-old! A store patron, Jason Littlejohn, recorded the incident.

Thankfully, surveillance video from the corner store fully exonerated Harvey and when faced with the facts — when she returned to the bodega two days later — Teresa apologized, stating to a news crew, “I was wrong. Young man, I don’t know your name, but I’m sorry.” And thankfully, little Jeremiah said, nah, keep that weak a** apology. Well, actually he told a reporter who asked if he accepted the apology, “I don’t forgive this woman at all … she needs help.” Kudos, Jeremiah. Kudos!

However, in the wake of her wrongness, #CornerstoreCaroline is still trying to make her massive “mistake” someone else’s fault. According to several reports, Klein has plans to sue Jeremiah’s mother for threatening to whoop dat a**. Forget the fact that Klein accused her child of a heinous act; forget that Klein called the cops on her young child and traumatized him; forget that Jeremiah could have easily suffered there same fate as Emmett Till. No, #BodegaBecky wants you to think she is the victim in all of this.

So, what do we as a community do next? Press our own [email protected] charges! This is child abuse, cruelty to child(ren), public nuisance, intentional infliction of emotional distress, filing a false police report and a myriad of other violations of law. We need to hold not just #CornerstoreCaroline accountable, but #PermitPatty, #BBQBecky, #GolfcartGail, and the many others. #TimesUp on this life-threatening BS.

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