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The ongoing feud between Cardi B. and Nicki Minaj has heated back up.

After Nicki Minaj went on her Queen Radio show Monday, and spilled more details about their infamous NYFW fight, amongst other things, Cardi decided to let her have it on Instagram. The Bronx-bred MC posted not one but eleven videos responding to Minaj’s accusations … and she even had receipts.

Here’s all the good stuff, just in case you don’t have time to watch all of Cardi’s rants or listen to Minaj’s radio show.

Nicki lied about having the fight footage

During her Queen radio show Minaj says rapper Rah Ali beat Cardi up so bad she got mad at her. She also said she’d pay $100,000 for the leaked fight footage. Cardi calls B.S. saying: “You lie so much you can’t keep up with your fuckin’ lies. First you say you’ve got the footage, yo cameraman go the footage, but then you say you wanna pay somebody $100,000 if they give you the footage? Yo, make sense when you’re talking!”

 She Called Nicki To Discuss Her Changing Her Verse On “Motorsport”

According to Cardi she actually called Minaj to discuss her verse on “Motorsport” but never got a call back. According to Cardi she was super annoyed that Minaj was taking shots at her and tried to discuss it with Minaj. “You changed your verse two or three times, and the day before we did the video you turned in your last verse,” explained Cardi. “I was not feeling it and I called you that night and I got receipts,” she explained showing fans her call log from the night of October 22.

Cardi had nothing to do with 21 Savage backing out of “Krippy Kush”

Nicki also claimed that Cardi prevented Offset and 21 Savage from doing a video for their London on the Track collaboration “No Flag,” and also stopped 21 Savage from appearing on the remix to “Krippy Kush.” (Travis Scott allegedly appeared in his place.)  In response to Nicki’s “Krippy Kush” comments, Cardi claimed that she’s not close enough to 21 Savage to “have that power” to stop him from working on songs or videos. Cardi then shared an alleged message from the “Krippy Kush” producer Rvssian arguing that Cardi had nothing to do with Savage backing out of the video.

Minaj Turned Down G-Eazy’s “No Limit”

Cardi also claimed that Nicki “barked at [her] managers” for giving Cardi a featured spot on G-Eazy’s “No Limit.” Apparently Minaj turned down a featured spot on the record. “Let’s talk about how you and G-Eazy have the same management and you barked at them because they gave me the “No Limit” record which they presented to you first, you didn’t like the record and didn’t believe in the record,” she explained. “Nobody actually believed in the record …and you barked at your management for giving it to me and that’s f**king facts.”

Cardi is adamant Nicki leaked her phone number

Nicki also denied a report, spread by Cardi’s sister, that she had leaked Cardi’s phone number to her fans. Cardi responded to that claim as well, arguing that it wasn’t a coincidence that her number was leaked one hour after the fashion week altercation. She also pointed out Minaj frenemies, Jason Lee and Mariah Lynn, whose numbers also got leaked. “How come everybody that ya’ll have issues with, and ya’ll have they numbers, their numbers get leaked?,” she questioned.

Cardi Got That Diesel Deal First 

During her Queen radio show, Minaj also claimed that Cardi was trying to stop her bags (aka her money) by telling other artists not to work with her. Cardi adamantly denied that with receipts. “You’re out here saying that I’m trying to stop your bag, right? But I’m actually helping you get a bag,” she claimed in a video shared with her 34.6million followers. “That Diesel deal that you got, yeah that came to me first and I had to decline it because I’m already working with fashion brands. Which y’all are gonna see because there’s more than Fashion Nova.” Cardi also posted the email offer from Diesel as proof.

Cardi Is Prepared To Sue Nicki

“Maybe I should sue you for defamation of character since you wanna claim that I’m using something called payola, because you don’t understand why I’m so fuckin’ successful.” The legal threat was in response to Nicki’s September 10 comments claiming that Cardi had practiced payola.

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