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A List Of Reasons Why Kanye Getting Kaepernick To Meet With Trump May Not Be A Good Idea…



Kanye West has a lofty goal — to get Colin Kaepernick to sit down with Donald Trump.

In a conversation with TMZ’s Harvey Levin, West revealed his been calling Keaepernick in order to arrange a meeting with him and the president. Yes, the same president that called Kaep a “son of a b!tch” for kneeling during the National Anthem in an effort to raise awareness about social injustices.

Unfortunately, there seems to be a few reason why this may not work…

1) Trump isn’t one for common ground and understanding. Ye may be leading with love, but his boy Donnie doesn’t subscribe to that method.

2) The optics are just bad. After all Trump has said and done, it would be hard for anyone to sit next to him in a peaceful scenario — let alone Colin, who has done nothing wrong. Unfortunately though, any emotion or reaction from Colin during a convo with Trump would be ripped to shreds and used against him. He would come out as the villain, no matter what.

3) What does Colin have to gain? We’ve seen how the president manipulates conversations and lies to the American people — who’s to say he wouldn’t do the same to Kaep? Promise one thing behind close doors, tells another story while standing behind the podium … should Colin really take that risk? If so, what’s the reward?

Those are just our thoughts, but folks on Twitter seem to think the meeting was a bad idea as well…

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