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Betrayed! 4 Reasons Why Drake Should Never Talk To Kanye West Again



By now, you’ve probably seen Drake’s recent interview with LeBron James on his HBO show “The Shop.” It details how the Canadian rapper and fellow rap star, Kanye West, fell out in the wake of the Pusha T beef and G.O.O.D. Music summer album releases. Furthermore, it recounts the immense levels of betrayal and deceit Drizzy experienced at the hands of Yeezy. Y’all, it’s foul.

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By the looks of it, the bromance is dead, never to be resurrected. And while we’re usually game for friends working through their drama, we think this may be the exception. Here are four reason why Drake should probably never talk to Kanye again.


If everything Drake is saying is true, then Mr. West eviscerated the bro code. Not only did he lure his homie into a false sense of security (Drake flew alllll the way to Wyoming), manipulate him for private information (Drizzy gave up song info and release dates) and blatantly lied to him (Ye claimed he was dropping his own project at the end of the year), he then turned around and told Pusha T everything. That made way for one of the most disrespectful diss tracks of the year — maybe ever. Bros don’t do that to bros. Bros honor secrets. Bros don’t go behind you back and feed info to the enemy. When that happens, the bromance is over.


This deserved it’s on category. Yes, Kanye killed the friendship with the above actions. But, you know what really severed the head from the snake? All this stuff about Drake’s kid. That’s beyond foul. Especially since Ye is a dad as well, he should have known not to bring Drizzy’s kid into the picture. That was malicious and intended for nothing but harm. West knew what Pusha would do with that info — and sure enough, he used it to his advantage. Foul!


In response to Pusha disrespectful diss, Drake says he penned a response. He later decided not to release it for fear it went too far. Immediately, folks speculated it had something to do with Kanye’s wife Kim — did they hook up pre-Ye? Post-Ye? They world may never know, but Uncle Snoop thinks he does. And if it’s true, the “In My Feelings” rapper can never speak to Kanye again. Too far man, too far.


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If Drake can somehow bounce back from the reasons stated above, here’s one that could be the nail in the coffin. Kanye and his MAGA hat antics were taken up a notch last week with his Trump meeting at the White House. Now, we don’t condone ending friendships over political affiliations, but Ye’s love of the Donald is enough to make anyone question their continued relationship with West.

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