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We know the year isn’t over. But that doesn’t mean we can’t start discussing some of the trends and highlights of 2018 … which is, sadly but surely, coming to an end very soon.

So here it goes: The surprise album. We all know it’s becoming harder and harder to pull off these days. After Beyonce shook the world with her self-titled album in 2013 without ANY warning whatsoever, the trend has been tried to death. Some have had success, like Beyonce who did it again in 2016 with Lemonade while others flopped and failed.

This year surprisingly there has been some success. Here are 6 artists who ACTUALLY shocked us.

Beyonce & Jay Z

At the close of their second co-headlining show at London Stadium on June 16, 2018, Beyonce told the ecstatic crowd that she and her husband had a surprise for them. After a screening of the couple’s new single, giant LED screens around the arena announced “ALBUM OUT NOW!” Naturally, this made headlines around the world, ensuring the rocket launch of Everything Is Love, and Top Five album-chart-placings in many territories.


Eminem dropped new surprise album “Kamikaze” in Septemberwith very little warning. At midnight on the East Coast, he tweeted the link to the album and wrote, “Tried not 2 overthink this 1… enjoy” along with a middle finger emoji.  The 11-song album was executive produced by Dr. Dre and released on Dre’s Interscope imprint, Aftermath Entertainment.

J. Cole

J. Cole took fans by surprise when he dropped K.O.D with very little warning back in April. The album wasn’t promoted with any singles, and the musician himself only revealed it was coming a few days before it actually arrived. Still it became Cole’s fifth No. 1 record in the U.S… but no surprise there.


Usher became a trending topic on Twitter when he announced he was dropping a surprise album produced by Zaytoven. Fans, it seemed, weren’t on board with the idea of a “Trap R&B” album, but surprisingly it was a hit.

The Weeknd

The Weeknd took fans by surprise back in April when he told his more than 16 million Instagram followers that he’s dropping a brand new album at midnight. The “Party Monster” singer shared a screenshot of a text conversation he had with an unknown person. “Should we drop Friday?” the musician questioned. “I’m indifferent, to be honest.” Then a billboard in London confirmed fans’ brewing theories—the advertisement featured the sentence “New Album from The Weeknd. Available Now,” according to Forbes. This fell below the album’s title, My Dear Melancholy.


“1 Thing” we weren’t expecting to hear was that Amerie was dropping a double-disc album. The 38-year-old , is releasing a double album – 4AM Mulholland and After 4AM on Friday (october 19) after nearly a decade away from the music scene. Amerie who welcomed a baby in May with husband Lenny Nicholson, made the announcement during an interview with Billboard.



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