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2018 AMAs: Can Kanye Save The Day? Stars Sound Off On Ye Meeting Trump & Midterm Elections



Kanye West can do a lot of things — He makes great music (usually), his sneakers are pretty dope, and somehow, he made lycra biker shorts a thing again (hey 90s!). But, can the Chi-town rapper save us from the Cheeto-in-Chief known as Donald Trump?

Ye and The Donald are scheduled to meet-up again this week. The MAGA hat-wearing MC has been a vocal supporter of Trump and is now headed to the White House, like his wife, in an effort to chat with the prez about prison reform and gang violence in his hometown of Chicago. But the big question is — Can Kanye really make a difference?

While at the 2018 American Music Awards on Tuesday night, HH caught up with the stars as they hit the red carpet and asked the all important question, ‘can Kanye save the day?’ As you can imagine, we received a plethora of answers…

Sevyn Streeter wanted to give Yeezy the benefit of the doubt, but the bottomline is she just doesn’t believe Trump can change. “I have no faith in that man,” the “It Won’t Stop” singer stated.

Love & Hip Hop Miami starlette Amara La Negra also tried to cut Mr. West some slack for his pending 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. visit, and stated, “I do. understand and believe that somewhere within himself he does have the right intentions.”

However, those of you who have no faith in Kanye — and let’s be honest, that’s a lot of people — there’s still hope. The Midterm Elections are right around the corner. THAT’S where real change happens! And thankfully, the stars at the AMAs agreed. Internet sensation Jay Versace told HH that he is actively encouraging his 3.6 million followers to get out and vote.

Powerhouse singer and staunch POC advocate Dounia also encourages her fans to flex their voting muscle, while also standing up for women’s rights and promoting body positivity on her platforms. “Knowledge is the number one step,” she stated to HH.

Kanye’s visit to the White House happens on Thursday, the midterm elections take place on November 6th, and hopefully by 2020 Trump will be out.

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