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You’ve Been Pronouncing Chrissy Teigen’s Name All Wrong…



So you thought it was Teigen like “Tee-Gen”? Well, you were wrong … and so was everyone else.

Oh, and get this, you’ve probably been saying Ariana Grande’s name wrong, too. Life is one big lie.

Twitter was blindsided by this news when the hosts of “The Kyle & Jackie O Show” revealed that Ariana subtly schooled us on how to really say her name during an interview with radio DJ Ebro Darden for Apple’s Beats 1. Spoiler Alert: It’s pronounced Gran-Dee, y’all!

Mind. Blown.

But then, this revelation gave way for Chrissy Teigen to also reveal she too lets people get away with saying her name wrong.

But then, it got very confusing when Teigen admitted that she corrects people, but doesn’t correct people. Which one is it, Chrissy?!

Luckily, she did a video and clarified it once and for all…

There you have it.

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