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Who Knew?! Bobby Brown Was Smashing Janet Jackson … Internet Is Shocked!!



2 legends, 1 man — Bobby Brown was out here chopping down multiple music icons and we had no idea!

The first part of the 2-night “Bobby Brown Story” aired on BET Tuesday night and it delivered in a big way. It included the normal stuff about the “Bad Boy of R&B”, but it also gave us some juicy tea we were not expecting — like the fact that he used to be in an intimate relationship with Janet Jackson!

Yep, that’s right, Ms. Jackson (if you’re nasty, and we know Bobby is) was apparently a lover of Brown’s in the 90s before his Whitney Houston days … that’s if you believe the biopic that Brown himself was heavily involved in. The duo was hot and steamy for a bit before Janet ultimately decided she just wasn’t that into him. Their relationship dissolved when they got into an explosive argument and Brown kicked Jackson out of his hotel room, naked no less, and slammed the door in her face. Hahahahaha x infinity. And get this, because BET is shady AF, they aired the commercial for “Black Girls Rock”, with Janet Jackson as the special honoree, right after the turbulent scene!!

All in all, Twitter was just as shocked as we were by the whole thing…

“The Bobby Brown Story” concludes Wednesday night at 9 p.m. ET on BET — and all of Black Twitter will be watching!

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