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This NBA Star And His Wife Are Expecting TWINS!



Double the blessings — Double the fun!! Russell Westbrook and his wife Nina are expecting twin girls!

“Just having two girls is exciting in itself, but just having been able to be blessed and have more children, I think, is a complete honor. It’s a blessing.”

The Westbrooks revealed the bigs news while showing of their “lifestyle boutique” called The Little Ark. The store, located in Oklahoma City where Russell is a point guard for the Thunder team, is a clothing shop / creative space where parents can bring their children for classes and activities.

In addition to the store, the couple, who wed in 2015, also showed off their adorable 16-month-old son, Noah. And while gushing over their baby boy, the shared the exciting news that he would be joined by two sisters in the very near future. “If Noah gets out of hand they’ll both be able to jump on him at the same time,” the adorable duo joked.

Nina also doted on Russ and the stellar job he does as a dad:

“He’s very hands-on, he helps a lot, he probably does more than I do when he’s around. [He] wakes up early, stays up late, puts Noah to bed, goes to workout late at night.”

And for the NBA MVP, being a dad and husband is his most important job, “It’s important that Noah knows I’m his dad first, and not a basketball player or anything else that I do, but that’s the most important part to me, to make sure that being a father, husband and family man is more important than anything else.”

Congrats to the growing family!

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