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The Herald Sun Doubles Down On Shockingly Racist Serena Williams Caricature



This “cartoon” proves Serena Williams’ point more now than ever — she, and many other women of color, face an abundance of racism and sexism in tennis and something needs to change!

Following Serena’s controversial loss to Naomi Osaka during the U.S. Open — where the tennis phenom was penalized with 3 code violations and had a heated confrontation with the chair umpire — The Herald Sun cartoonist, Mark Knight, delivered this sketch to the Australian paper and they ran with it.

The racism and sexism is blatant. Depicting Williams in a Sambo-Style caricature, circa the Jim Crow-era, the sketch also perpetuates the not so subtle stereotype of the angry Black women. It’s pitiful, pathetic and downright shameful, yet, after receiving a furry of criticism online, Knight defended his drawing and The Herald Sun, who retweeted it, has yet to take it down.

First came the heat:

Then came the defense:

Oddly enough, his defense proved his sexism and racism even more — white, male tennis players are treated drastically different than Black female professionals. Serena beautifully and eloquently spoke about the situation during her after-match press conference.

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