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Remy Ma Weighs In On Cardi B vs. Nicki Minaj Beef



Look, either Remy Ma is hypocritical as hell or she’s hitting the nail on the head — you decide.

Joe Budden’s new State of the Culture show recently premiered with a bang! Joe and co-host Remy Ma, Jinx and Scottie Beam gave their takes on some of the hottest news in hip hop and, at this point, it gets no hotter than the Cardi vs. Nicki beef. And while all the host had something poignant to share, it’s Remy’s comments that really hit home.

Now, you must remember a few things about Remy — 1) She has her own beef with Ms. Minaj … “shETHER”, anyone? 2) Remy served 6-years in prison for an incident stemming from the shooting of a woman who allegedly stole $1,000 from the rapper. This is all to say that Remy is really ’bout that life. We digress…

During State of the Culture, Ma emphasized how both Cardi and Nicki need to chill with all this confrontation.

“This is a blanket statement for everybody. Stop talking crazy, stop tweeting crazy. N—as are talking all this real shit and as soon as some real shit happens, somebody’s in the hospital, somebody cut, somebody stabbed, somebody shot, somebody stomped out, everybody’s like ‘Oh my god, stop the violence, please! We can’t do this.’ But when n—as is talking all that real n—a shit and all this gangsta shit and all this gang shit and everything else, everybody thinks it’s cool and they quoting it and using it as lines to they songs. But as soon as something happens, ‘Why would Cardi do that? Oh my god!'”

This convo came after Nicki hopped on her Queen Radio and gave her two cent on the whole ordeal. Essentially, she stated that Cardi would end up dead if she didn’t stop attacking people recklessly, “You put your hands on certain people, you gonna die. Period.” She also called her several names like a “disgusting pig”, claimed she slept with DJs to play her music and denied talking about her daughter Kulture. It was messy to say the least. Click HERE to hear the whole thing.

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