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The Internet’s winning streak remains flawless.

Following rival brand Nike’s bold move to use Colin Kaepernick in it’s new Just Do It campaign, social media has decided to give Adidas and Kanye West an ad of there own … and it’s pure trolling at it’s finest.

The  fake ad which has now gone viral, features a black and white photo of West looking squarely into the camera with the words “Slavery Was A Choice” written across his face.

Ye has since apologized for his idiotic comments about slavery while on TMZ but folks still won’t let him live it down. 

It may take a full 300 years, or another full season of KUWTK for fans to forgive West and black folks to let him come back to the family cookout.

Meanwhile over the last 24 hours, various hip-hop artists have rallied behind Nike and Kaepernick’s new campaign.

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