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I love this guy. Props to Geoffrey Owens for showing up today on GMA rocking his Trader Joe’s name tag and the confidence of a real “G”. Owens shot back at the trolls who tried to shame the former “Cosby Show” actor for working in the store bagging groceries. Owens said he worked in the Trader Joe’s for 15 months and that people recognized him all the time, but nobody ever posted any pictures until recently. Well, those pics went viral after Fox News and the Daily Mail reported the story, and some online outlets and trolls tried to clown Owens. Thankfully, people around the world and in the Hollywood community rushed to Geoffrey’s defense and praised him for doing what needed to be done to make ends meet. Today on GMA, Owens, who, by the way, has taught at Yale, said he was overwhelmed by the attention and the outpouring of love.


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