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Go Hard & Go Home: Donald Glover Breaks His Foot During Concert!



Apparently, when you go hard during a concert, you may break a bone. Call it a casualty of war…

Thus was the case with Donald Glover who performs as Childish Gambino when he hits the stage. The “This Is America” rapper was in Dallas Sunday night for his concert, when just 30 minutes before the end of the show, Gambino abruptly walked off stage. “I love you Texas, I’ll see you soon,” the ATL star stated as he exited. However, that may not be true as he has declared several times that this tour would be his last.

But, back to his sudden departure — according to several concert-goers, Donald may have injured himself trying to do a dance move, or maybe even the splits. It has been confirmed that he did, in fact, break his foot.

No word on how he is currently holding up, but we’ll keep you updated…

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