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Betting On Black: Nike Stats Show Kaepernick Ad Is The Right Move!



Ever since Nike tapped Colin Kaepernick for its campaign for the 30th anniversary of “Just Do It” there has been an ongoing debate about whether the ad was the right financial move for the billion dollar brand. Well, the full ad dropped a day early Wednesday, and it’s already proving to be a winner!

What it comes down to is the fact that true Nike lovers, (not the people burning their “swooshed up” apparel and shoes) are in line with the same people who support Kaepernick — Black folks! According to media reports, Nike market research shows that minorities are big business… Duh!

“For example, the company’s market research shows 13% of Americans identify as African American, yet 18% of Nike buyers are black. Hispanics account for 16% of the population, but represent 19% of Nike buyers. And, Asians account for 3% of the population, but 5% of Nike customers.
Caucasians are under-represented in the Nike world. The white population in the U.S. is 75% — but they comprise only 67% of Nike’s customers. And, of those, Nike believes a very large percentage, especially young whites, support Colin.”

In addition, CNBC reports that, “Nike’s brand exposure on TV, radio, online and social media since first announcing the campaign is worth $163.5 million, according to Apex Marketing.”

The Breakdown:
$49.1 million of Nike’s brand exposure was negative
$48.8 million was neutral
$65.6 million was positive … winning!

And even though Nike stock shares fell 3 percent on Tuesday when the initial ad was revealed, they’re still up more than 51 percent over the past 12 months. BOOM!


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