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Video: YG Screaming He’s Not Drunk Makes Him Look Drunk — Booted From American Airlines!



YG really wants you and American Airlines to know he’s not drunk. And to prove that point he took out his phone and made a video yelling “I’m sober den a m*ther f*cker,” while exiting the plane.

It all started when the rapper was asked to leave an AA flight; he claims he was kicked off due to alleged intoxication. But, YG also claims that allegation is false. In fact, he believes he was kicked off the flight because American Airlines is some “racist a** m*ther f*ckers.”

Unfortunately, the vid that the Bompton native recorded to prove his innocence seemed to do just the opposite. In the clip he posted to his IG page he seems to be slurring his words and stumbling a bit as he exits down the ramp. Even the folks in his comment section agree — YG looks a little lit.

Take a look at the video and let us know what you think…

AA caught wind of the video and sent this message to YG:

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