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Tyrese Gibson has a good reason for why his career is going down the toilet and it all has to do with his ex-wife. The Fast & Furious franchise actor claims that ever since Norma Gibson filed “false domestic abuse allegations” against him, he hasn’t been able to find steady work and his income has dropped by 75%.

Per documents obtained by Page Six via The Blast, Gibson used to make $180,000 per month, but over the past year that number has dwindled to $51,000.

Tyrese also claims his income solely comes from appearances, residuals and royalties, which has caused him to “deplete his savings significantly” in order to pay monthly expenses, including the $10,853 he pays each month in child support to Norma for their daughter Shayla.

In a separate filing, Tyrese claims to have $113,000 per month in expenses, which includes $31,263 per month in expenses he just classifies as “other.”

He also claims he only has $130,000 left in cash after spending $200,000 fighting against his ex-wife’s “false and baseless domestic abuse allegations.”

The Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services ultimately dropped its investigation into Tyrese last fall. A judge also denied Norma’s request for a restraining order against her ex-husband, finding no evidence of harassment.

He’s now trying to avoid having to pay Norma’s legal fees.

Gibson and Norma Mitchell were married from 2007 -2009 and filed for divorce after just 10 months of marriage. Since they have been in an on-going custody battle over their now 11 year old daughter.

Last year, the Tyrese tied the knot with New Jersey-born Samantha Lee and they announced in April that they are expecting a baby together. The baby girl is due in September.

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