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Regina Hall is #levelup goals for real.

After bursting on the scene playing “Candy,” a college student and part-time stripper in The Best Man, she’s now a bonafide leading lady with films like Girls Trip and her latest, Support the Girls.

But for all her success, Hall is feeling some type of way she was never cast as an exotic dancer again. Yep, you read that right. Not that Hall wants to take off her clothes for the camera, but it’s the thought that counts.

“I thought I was going to be type cast and they were going to ask me to play a stripper over and over again, nope, she joked. “Like no one wanted to see it again. No take it off or nothing. They were like keep it on and let it stay on.”

In a full circle moment that really is a testament to her success and maturity as an actress, Hall is revisiting the world of adult entertainment but this time playing the manager of a southern “breastaraunt” (think Hooters) instead of one of the scantily dressed waitresses.

To be clear, Hall is the heart and soul of the film, and she told us it was a delight to play a character that was serious and showed her range but also her wit.

“I’ve always wanted to work and play great characters,” she explained of her new leading lady status. “This was just something different that I knew I could really sink my teeth into, but still be funny at the same time.”

The indie flick directed by Andrew Bujalski also stars Haley Lu Richardson (The Edge of Seventeen, Columbus) as the bubbly, bighearted Maci, whose personality belies a flinty toughness and rapper Junglepussy (in an outstanding acting debut) who plays Danyelle, Lisa’s take-no-prisoners deputy.

Hall and the ladies spent a lot of time at Atlanta’s Twin Peaks and Bikini’s in Miami to prep for their characters and she now has a new found respect and love (for the food) and ladies in those type of establishments.

“That was what was really interesting about this project,” explained Hall. “Shadowing managers … and honestly the women there are really fiercely protective.”

She added “We shot across from Twin Peaks in Atlanta and I ate lunch there everyday,” she laughed. “The food was better than crafty.”

Support the Girls is in theaters August 24.

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