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Nicki Minaj Lands At No. 2 … Bitterly Blames Travis Scott & Kylie Jenner!



Is second place really just the first sore loser?

Nicki Minaj dropped her long-awaited, highly anticipated fourth album on August 10th. And as she waited for the numbers to roll in, she most certainly thought she would land at #1 on the charts … however, she didn’t. That honor went to Travis Scott whose album, Astroworld, was released a full week before Minaj’s.

And as you’ve probably assumed, Nicki went light-weight nuclear upon hearing that her album wasn’t in the top spot. But, she spread the hate around, sending shots at Spotify, Travis and his baby mama, Kylie Jenner. The “Queen” rapper posted these tweets explaining her state of mind:

And when fans questioned why Nic’s label didn’t have her back she revealed that they were just too scared.

Even after all those shots, jabs and daggers, apparently, Nicki isn’t really angry. She claims she is good spirits — however, we think this is just her latest attempts at promotion…

So far no word from Spotify, Travis or Kylie. They don’t want this smoke.

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