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Nicki Minaj Is BIG Mad At Ex Safaree Samuels — Safaree Claps Back!



Well, this is one way to promote your album — feud with your ex via social media.

Y’all remember when Nicki Minaj and Safaree Samuels broke up like almost FIVE years. Well, soon after the “Love & Hip Hop” star insinuated that he was responsible for some of Nicki’s hottest bars. He eventually admitted that, that was in fact not true, and life went on … or so we thought. It seems as though Ms. Minaj is still heated about that lie because while she was visiting Flex at Hot 97 in NY she went on a tangent aimed specifically at Samuels and his slick mouth.

Yo, she snapped! But it didn’t end there. Nick also came at DJ Self for claiming Cardi B had the best female rap album of the year — a statement that Minaj claims was only made because she refused to give Self a drop and a hug.

Of course, Safaree got wind of all this shade and had to tell his side of the story — via Twitter.


It didn’t take long for the “Queen” rapper to get on Twitter as well to defend herself…

But the back and forth continued…

The feud only ceased when Nicki decided to focus on the “positive”.

Maybe she should have been positive like 5 tweets prior.

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