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Naked & Afraid! Chrissy Teigen Live Tweets During Crazy Earthquake In Bali



Chrissy Teigen, and hubby John Legend, have been enjoying an envy-induing vacation with their kids (Luna & Miles) in Bali over the past week. But no one would be jealous of the scary earthquake they had to induce while basking in paradise.

“Hooooooly sh-t this is happening.” Those are the words that Teigen tweeted letting her over 10 million followers know the terrifying ordeal she was experiencing. A 6.9 earthquake struck the Indonesian island of Lombok, about 50 miles east of Bali.

It all started with an OMG moment and the cookbook author was shook, no pun intended.

Chrissy, who was apparently “naked and calm” throughout the trimmers, even supplied a play-by-play of the multiple aftershocks that had her pleading with Mother Earth to chill out.

Thankfully Chrissy and co. are safe, but unfortunately that isn’t the case for everyone. According to CBS News three people have been killed due to the quake. The Sports Illustrated model has asked for folks to not focus on her experience, but to turn their attention to those who are still in danger.

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