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Missy, Wale & Twitter To The Rescue — Folks Defend Tevin Campbell Against Social Media Shade!



It’s 2018 and Tevin Campbell is trending — what a time to be alive!

So, why is Tevin on the tip of everyone’s tongue? Well it all started when Aretha Franklin fans hopped on Twitter to discuss who should have the honor of singing at her tribute. Many names were mentioned and Mr. Campbell’s was amongst them. But author/popular social media commenter Luvvie Ajayi (Awesomely Luvvie) was not having it and tweeted her contention.

Moments after Luvvie hit send on that snarky tweet her mentions were in shambles! Campbell fans showed up in full force to defend their fave. Even Wale and Missy Elliott had time to visit the timeline tirade and let it be known they were not here for the slander. Within minutes Tevin was trending with thousands of people sharing nothing but praise and admiration for the 90s sensation.

For her part in the frenzy, Luvvie seemed to backtrack a bit — but she still doesn’t see it for him in an Aretha tribute.

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