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Kanye West Is The Latest Celeb To Liken Themselves To Harriet Tubman — But Why Tho?!?



What’s the deal with music artist, specifically hip-hop, likening themselves to Harriet Tubman?

In recent weeks, Nicki Minaj caught flack for alluding that she and Tubman similarly shook the industry up — Minaj’s industry being music and Harriet’s being slavery (we assume).

And just a few days ago, Lauryn Hill also made a Tubman comparison while refuting rumors that she stole her music and mistreated fellow musicians.

“Perhaps my seriousness and militancy in the face of tremendous resistance was misinterpreted as meanness, or that I was unloving or uncaring, when my true intent was to protect. I wouldn’t be the first Black person accused of this. I don’t think of Harriet Tubman’s skills as those of a hostess, but rather her relentless dedication to helping people who wanted out of an oppressive paradigm. #IGETOUT”

And now we have Kanye West, who is still trying to explain his 400 years of slavery “sounds like a choice” statement. During an interview with 107.5 WGCI Morning Show in Chicago, he doubled-down on his belief stating that “it sounds like a choice to the spirit of Kanye West, which I think is aligned with the spirit of Harriet Tubman, which I think is aligned with the spirit of Nat Turner.” West went on to explain, “I feel these are examples of the past who felt similar to that,” that being his “slavery is a choice” comment. Tubman and Turner both resisted slavery at every turn — Harriet helped slaves escape, while Nat led a rebellion.

Now, Yeezy concedes that he may have worded it wrong and that his is an opinion that is “non-historical”, but do you think he’s finally making sense? Or is he still way off-base?

Bonus: Kanye told the local news station that he’s in his hometown (Chicago) to help Chance the Rapper with his new album and that he still likes Trump.

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