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Dave Chappelle Reacts To Academy’s ‘Popular Film’ Category: “I Have No F-ing Idea What The Academy Does”



Dave Chappelle is one of the over 900 new members of The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS), but he admittedly has no idea what the role entails. Thus, when we asked him about The Academy’s choice to add the “Best Popular Film” category to the Oscars he gave us this hilarious response, “I have no f-ing idea what The Academy does!”

When news broke on Wednesday that The Academy decided to add the new honor to their annual awards show, it was met with mixed reactions. Mostly, Black twitter called BS on the whole idea.

However, when we asked Chappelle about it at the premiere of BlacKkKlansman in Los Angeles Wednesday night he had a different reaction, well, after the whole “no f-ing idea” comment.

In Dave’s defense it was the Board of Governors that enacted this new category, the Academy members didn’t vote on it. So, no worries Dave, you haven’t missed anything major yet!

But, what are your thoughts on the new category? Is “everybody” really a winner as Dave suggests?

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