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Chrissy Teigen Apologizes For “Projectile Puking” Incident At Daughter’s School



There’s always something up with Chrissy Teigen; this time though, it’s up and out.

School orientations are typically pretty mundane events — You meet a few teachers, take a walk around the school, you know, you get orientated. But, leave it up to Teigen to make the whole thing a harrowing tale.

While on hand for her daughter Luna’s orientation Chrissy vomited, fell asleep and disrupted the whole event, hilariously so. And thankfully, she told the story on Twitter.

Seriously, these things only happen to Teigen. The SI super model went on the share with her 10 million followers that it was a booze/food combo, not butterflies in her tummy, that was the culprit.

And if you’re like us and instantly thought that Chrissy was possibly pregnant again, think again.

Chrissy and hubby, John Legend welcomed their second child, son Miles, just this past May.

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