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NFL, Is That You? — This Isn’t The First Time Kaepernick’s Name Has Been Deleted From A Madden Game!



While Colin Kaepernick may not appear in Madden19, given that he is being allegedly blackballed from the NFL, it looks like the makers of the game, EA Sports, didn’t even want his name mentioned!

It all started with this tweet; a user noticed that while YG’s song “Big Bank” was heard on the game, during Big Sean’s verse the profanities were obviously cut, but Colin Kaepernick’s name was scrubbed as well.

That led to a firestorm on social media which reached a fever pitch when both YG and Big Sean spoke out.

Colin thanked Sean for his support…

Then, of course, EA Sports apologized…

But, no one’s believing that BS, because this isn’t the first time Kaepernick’s name has been deleted from a Madden game. According to several reports, this happened last year as well!

And now Colin, his girlfriend, HOT97 host Nessa, and all of Black twitter wants answers … is this apart of your collusion NFL?

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