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Beyonce’s Body: “That’s Goals!” Kelly Rowland Praises Bey And Learns To Love Her Own Stretch Marks



When Kelly Rowland gave birth to her baby boy Titan almost 4 years ago, she didn’t know what to expect. But soon, ish hit the fan and she was hit with a variety of unforeseen circumstances in her new uncharted territory. Thankfully, she opened up about her experience in her book Whoa Baby, and since then many of her friends, like Beyonce, have done the same; sharing their postpartum struggles and circumstances with the world.

HH caught up with the gorgeous Godiva goddess at the premiere for “Blackkklansman” Wednesday night in Los Angeles and chatted about ‘Yonce’s recent “FUPA” revelation. And, of course, Kelly had her girls’ back, while also speaking on her own bounce-back transformation.

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