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Video: Malfunctioning Stage Leaves Beyoncé Stranded 20 Feet In The Air!



Remember that time when Beyoncé sang “somebody’s getting fired” in the middle of performing “Diva” during a concert (REAL fans remember!) — well, yea, we’re sure she wanted to run that back after the little mishap that occurred at her latest show.

On Saturday night, during the Warsaw stop of Jay and Bey’s “On the Run II” tour, the flying stage, on which they do their finale, got stuck 20 feet in the air — 20 FEET! As you can imagine, that made for one helluva an exit for the pop diva.

While suspended in air, stagehands hurried to figure out a solution to Bey’s sticky situation … unfortunately that included a ladder (that looked hella rickety). So it was no surprise to us when, initially, Queen Bey refused to climb down the ladder while rocking thigh high boots.

Luckily, after what looked to be much coaxing, Bey descended from her floating catastrophe unscathed. As for Jay, we have no idea what happened. That brotha bolted stage right and all eyes remained on Bey, just take a look.

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